Devon Referral Support Services

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  • New Devon CCG

DRSS is part of NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NEW Devon CCG).

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DRSS is based at two sites:

Bridge House
Collett Way
Newton Abbot
Devon TQ12 4PH

Ground Floor, Windsor House
Tavistock Road
Devon PL6 5UF

Helpdesk: 01626 883 888


  • DRSS Purpose

Everything we do supports healthy people, living health lives in healthy communities.

We do this by ensuring individuals access the right advice, care or treatment in a timely manner.

  • DRSS Ethos

Provide a supportive, efficient, patient centred service in a professional manner Recognise and respect each other, our differences and our opinions Work & communicate together to uphold an honest and open environment for our department

Information for Health and Social Care Colleagues

The information within this section is primarily of use for our health and social care colleagues. It provides more detailed information about DRSS and the referral process that may be of interest to those making referrals but may not be particularly useful for patients. For patient information please see the patient pages.

The DRSS team provides referral support to GP practices, providers (in the acute and community setting), clinicians, patients and NHS support staff wherever possible. There are many parts to the services we provide to assist the referral process and information needed along the way.

We offer patients choice of their treatment, wherever possible, and provide information that patients may require before they make their choice.  The service has been designed, and is overseen by, local GPs who feel that this service is the best way for patients to make their appointments.

Services Provided Details
Referrals and bookings Sharing information with GP practices about local services, service details, contact details, information for patients and clinical policies and guidelines. We review patient referral letters to match patients to the correct specialties and clinics in their hospital of choice.
Patient Information Providing patients with a central access point, answering their queries, providing information about their referral and the referral process.
Clinical Referral Guidelines Reviewing and creating clinical referral guideines with clinicians, reassessing patient needs and demand, updating clinics and services offered including updating Choose and Book directory of services and referral entry and exit criteria.
Referral/Clinical Guideline Concordance Reviewing referrals against agreed pathways and commissioning policies as requested by Commissioners. Examples include Low Priority Treatments and Limited Clinical Value procedures as outlined in CCG policies
Service Redesign Working with secondary & primary care to facilitate Service Redesign Events using value stream mapping and SMART objectives to set actions and agree outcomes.
CPG representation Attending Clinical Pathway Groups and Clinician 2 Clinician Groups across Devon to represent the team, liaising and providing information to service providers and primary care clinicians.

Facts and Figures (October 2014)

We cover a population of 1.3 million
No. of weekly Referrals 6,000
Supporting 175 practices
No. of Acute Trusts 4
Including community hospitals 28
No. of Opticians 142 (Western opticians refer via GP practices)
No. of Dentists 166 (Western dentists refer via GP practices)

DRSS Management Structure

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  • Steering Group Board including GP representative from each Locality, Elective leads and LMC are invited to attend:
    Clinical Lead - Dr Tom Debenham
    Vice Chair - Dr James Szymankewicz (North)
    Vice Chair - Dr Alex Rowe (South)
    GP Referral Facilitator Lead (Newton Abbot) - Dr Lucy Harris
    GP Referral Facilitator Lead (Plymouth) - Dr Rachel Tyler
  • Management Team
    Head of Service - Karen Barry
    Head of Service - Operations & Reporting - Rachael Burridge
    Head of Service - Projects & Infrastructure - Steve Green
    Senior Business Manager - Scott Bailey
    Senior Business Manager - John Tovey

    Operations Delivery Manager (Newton Abbot) - Tracy Brown
    Operations Delivery Manager (Plymouth) - Steve Matson

Next Steps - Key work areas for 2014/15

  • Support of commissioning intentions to achieve financial recovery
  • Development of work programme to meet locality priorities
  • Implementation of new referral process across two offices
  • Ongoing review clinical roles and triage processes
  • Working with Business Intelligence to develop commissioning intelligence to meet the needs of CCGs and Practices
  • Facilitate Clinical Referral Guideline development
  • Communication and Engagement
  • DOS Hub Admin
  • Feedback to support service development (patient, practice, CCGs)

Referral Templates
   Northern, Eastern and South Devon & Torbay Referral Forms (including system specific versions)
   Western Locality/East Cornwall Referral Forms (including system specific versions)
   AQP Audiology Referral Form - South Devon & Torbay practices
   *NEW* AQP Audiology Referral Form - NEW Devon CCG practices Jan 15
   AQP MRI Referral Form
   AQP NOUS Referral Form
Commissioning Information Pack (please click on the link to open the form.)

If you have project in mind it may be helpful to contact the Project Delivery Team to discuss before completing any of the request forms below.

   Referral Review / Audit Request Form [word document [86kB] - last updated May 2013]
 New Work / Change Request Form [word document [80kB] - last updated March 2013]